The ‘WHO’ Behind Old Elk’s Skillfully Crafted Bourbon

Greg Metze, Master Distiller at Old Elk


“When I graduated from college I had no idea what I was getting into, I just thought man, it would be pretty damn cool to be 23 and go make whiskey,” said Old Elk’s Master Distiller, Greg Metze. “...40 years later, it’s still pretty damn cool.”

Metze, the master distiller behind Old Elk’s custom mashbill began his distiller’s journey after completing an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Cincinnati — Go Bearcats!

His level of expertise sprung from humble beginnings. Greg started working at the Joseph E. Seagram & Sons Distillery located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana immediately following his graduation in June of 1978. At Seagram & Sons, he started on the ground floor as an entry level manager and held numerous roles throughout the company. He worked his way up to train for nine years under Master Distiller, Larry Ebersold, who taught Greg the art of making world class whiskey and spirits, and is a legendary, Seagram’s-trained distiller in his own right. 

“A lot has been said about my hands over the years by various people,” Metze shares, “but one of the things that sets me apart from many other master distillers is that I’ve actually been a hands-on master distiller my whole career, so I’ve been out in the trenches for all 40 years.”

Since Old Elk Distillery’s inception in 2013, Greg has personally overseen the production of Old Elk. Even though he was employed at MGP when he started on the Old Elk project, Greg was entrusted with full creative control so, today, he can speak to the quality that’s inside every bottle. Greg officially joined the Old Elk team in 2016.


Greg’s role at Old Elk is far more than malting, mashing, and maturation. He is part of building a brand for a major player in the bourbon and whiskey industry and is responsible for overseeing all production at Old Elk Distillery.

“The Old Elk team is truly a group of young, smart, passionate people,” Metze shares. “I mean, I’m the old goat in the crowd, and getting to work with these folks that are young and passionate and smart has reinvigorated my career and I couldn’t be honored more to be part of that organization and that team.” 

Metze takes gratification daily in knowing that he is producing some of the finest whiskey in the world — one that the community will enjoy.

However you drink your bourbon, neat or in a cocktail, Old Elk spirits can be enjoyed at the The Reserve by Old Elk Distillery. The Reserve tasting room is located on Linden Street in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Open daily • 11am-9pm, Sunday-Wednesday • 11am-11pm, Thursday-Saturday. Visit and bring a friend to share in the experience of Old Elk Bourbon, Dry Town Gin, and Nooku Bourbon Cream.

Erin Bishop